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quarta-feira, novembro 08, 2006 

In America today

"In America, in America today, its no longer about just smaller government, no taxes, its about everybody counts, and everybody matters.
Its about coming together as one people, its about saying no,
a natural disaster will not result in a political disaster down in New Orleans.
We're gonna look after all of our people.
We're gonna take care of all people, we're not gonna let our fellow americans down on the rooftops in a natural disaster that never had to happen.
We're not gonna let anybody cut benefits in the middle of a war, we're not gonna let them.
We're not gonna let them, no,
no we're not gonna let them force our seniors into choosing between groceries and medicine,
no ...

Let me tell you right now,
we have got to say that the common good is a good idea.
The common good
What we all need, what we all share, what we all gotta have,
We all gotta have peace in this world
What we all gotta have, we all gotta have our health care provided,
We all gotta have to be undistinct, no more leaving out uninsured, no more lucky enough fourty million americans
We have to be coming together and take care of each other we all
And let me tell you, and let me tell you this,
that if you say
That everybody matters, that everybody counts,
and the commomn good is a good idea,
that the tax burden should be shared
and we shouldn't have tax cuts for the wealthy and burdens on the rest
We gotta have a society in which everybody counts and everybody matters,
well we stick up for our Constitution
well we stick up for our Constitution
Its gonna be about sticking up for the rights for everyone
Its gonna be about sticking up for the rights of our women, to make a choice about what they do with their bodies
Its gotta be about...
And we don't divide, we don't divide, we unite.
We bring people together."

Keith Ellison do Minnesota é o primeiro muçulmano eleito para o Congresso Americano.