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quinta-feira, setembro 09, 2010 

Endangered Species

"... the disgraced American commander in Afghanistan, ordered all American troops out of Korengal Valley: it was too costly, too dangerous, unwinnable.
On YouTube it's possible to watch what happens next. One report, from NBC News, shows the Americans pack- ing up their equipment, blowing up munitions, setting Restrepo ablaze. The other, from al-Jazeera, was filmed within hours of the NBC story (and uses some of its footage). The Americans are gone and the Taliban are picking through their detritus, which they say includes stores of ammunition and fuel that they will be happy to use against Americans, wherever they find them. " (1)

(1) Links, bolds, meus, texto entre aspas sacado à mão de Brotherhood, um artigo de Sue Halpern publicado na New York Review of Books